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This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. I even have a friend with iPhone 4s who's having the issue when sending texts to her mom's old Nokia mobile phone (not even a smartphone)... There was the correct number of characters in total, just the 152 in the middle were wrong.... also tried to reload the softwa

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Initial messages: Head1.1 Head2.1 Head3.1 Head4.1 linkto linkto - linkto Body1.1 Body2.1 - Body4.1 Deletion: - - - - prev prev - prev Body1.1 Body2.1 - Body4.1 Creation: Head1.2 Head2.2 Head3.2 Mar 20, 2012 #39 [email protected] I have the same problem and would really like a fix! reset?Blackberry error message sms error 97 message id 12 permanent errorIt looks like someone sold me a phone, 2 months later he went and black listed it and got double the Valid values are: 'ALL', 'PENDING', 'SUCCESSFUL' or 'FAILED'. 119 Invalid format provided for the 'BankAccountBSB' parameter. http://comphelp.org/guide/sms-error-98-message-id-82/

Error 98 Sms Termination Denied

I **really** don't like Apple and I **really** don't like Microsoft, but if it'll mean I have a stable phone, that I rely on for *business* and personal use, it might how do i fix this?

one_losangeles Level 1 (Contributor) 1 Answer "Am getting incoming text messaged but the outgoing ones all have this message on..." 0 0 Tweet SMS LATEST ACTIVITY Follow @askmefastqna Copyright 2008-2016 askmefast.com, All Rights Reserved. Conversations become ridiculously hard to read.

Hope there is a fix soon. even basic phone function can't be done properly. We're talking [email protected] Oct 2, 2012 #108 davidf%[email protected] On a phone that was having consistent issues with: * This bug (mixed messages) * Messages not being received (a significant proportion, Sms Error 98 Blackberry Dec 5, 2012 #152 [email protected] This happens to me all the time with texts to my girlfriend.

She gets 95 percent of my texts and have not erased the history since april.Maybe erasing every once in awhile is not a bad thing. Sms Error 98 Verizon Ask for FREE. Running on android 2.1 It happens both ways though. Sep 10, 2012 #88 [email protected] I have the same issue, it's really annoying, obscure and horrible!

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a_abbasi Level 1 (Contributor) 1 Answer "F i t r s m u"..." 0 0 Tweet " F I T R S M U" . Sms Error 98 Permanent Error Sms Termination Denied I guess it's just something we'll have to live with. i did battery pull and the same thing appears . I am using a Motorola Razr Maxx on Verizon, running stock 4.0.4.

  1. the site did not come up.
  2. And if one fix of mine first problem (not received sms with more 160 character) allready done, could you give it to me? (im sorry with my english it's hard to
  3. i already tried connecting it to blackberry desktop software but it does`nt detect my device?Virgin mobile error message 97 when trying to textThe screen of my blackberry has gone white with
  4. Hope this helps you guys.

Sms Error 98 Verizon

I am thinking of buying an S2 but I see that people using galaxy s2 have the same problem..so is a new android no better? Every text I recieve from my boyfriend is completely mixed up with another, old message. Error 98 Sms Termination Denied Other: This is NOT abusive. Error 98 Sms Termination Denied Verizon Oct 23, 2012 #136 [email protected] HI SAM!

But it appears not as the other comments on here describe how clearing the SMS database does not fix the issue. http://whistlemedia.net/error-98/sms-error-98-message-id-6.html Thank you. From what I gather, it seems like it only happens if you repeatedly send long text messages with people -- which is what I do. If anyone has a solution, please tell! Verizon Sms Error 98 Permanent Error

It would help to read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Concatenated_SMS ... * The problem in distinguishing texts is more likely when an 8-bit CSMS reference number is used (a 16-bit reference number is possible, and When I receive long sms on my SE x10i, the incoming message is jumbled/mixed with messages from the same person I received ages ago. This issue needs to be addressed and put under the spot light. have a peek here If you're looking at debugging this on your phone over time, I'd recommend doing this in a timestamped folder, and fetching it every week or so as deleted smses mean you

If you feel any of these questions have been included in error help us improve our content by splitting these questions into seperate discussions. Error 98 Android FOR STORE 257 CERTIFICATE CLOSED 258 CERTIFICATE EXPIRED 259 AMOUNT BELOW MINIMUM 260 AMOUNT OVER MAXIMUM 261 AMOUNT BADLY FORMED 262 INVALID USER ID/PIN 263 INVALID AMOUNT 264 CERT. Aug 1, 2011 #6 [email protected] i get this error as well on SE x10i..happens especially receiving long sms (more than 160 character) and from a frequent sender..


Oct 10, 2012 #122 davidf%[email protected] @sara (comment 120) - OK, that makes sense then @teh... When it says Waiting for initialization, it will attempt to reboot. I've also gotten "SMS error 98". Sms Termination Denied Cause Code 98 Oct 9, 2012 #119 davidf%[email protected] @sara Thanks for the feedback.

Yes | No CommentReplyReportThis answer closely relates to:Sms error 97 message id 76What does it mean when your trying to send a message from sprint service and it keeps sayin invalied I'm with Telus. Yes | No CommentReplyReportThis answer closely relates to:Sms error 104 message id 254 general problemsCode 9230 error message continues to pop up on my sprint blackberry phone?How can i send pictures Check This Out Valid values are: 'YES' or 'NO' 112 Invalid value provided for the 'ChangeFromPaymentNumber' parameter.

EZIDEBIT ERROR MESSAGESAustralia and New Zealand 1 You must provide a value for the 'DigitalKey' parameter 2 You must provide a value for either the 'EziDebitCustomerID' parameter or the 'YourSystemReference' parameter what do i do?Blackberry permanent error messageMy blackberry torch 9810 has just frozen on a blank screen with the message reload software error 102?My 9300 blackberry shows me error reload software Valid values are: 'MON', 'TUE', 'WED', 'THU' or 'FRI'. 121 Invalid value provided for the 'DayOfMonth' parameter. Sign in to add a comment Reported by [email protected], Jun 18, 2011 When sending long SMS messages the recipient sometimes receives the message jumbled/garbled/mixed up with another old text

This problem sure is irritating! I wiped my phone of every single text and the problem still continued. Is it the network provider? Your phone has to be rooted You need to go with a File manager (I used root explorer) to data/data/com.android.providers.telephony/databases/ You need to erase the mmssms.db file and mmssms.db-wal and then

Given the new Windows phones and blackberry phone, people do have other options now other than iphone. Now for something really scary. Was this answer helpful? The messages it mixed with were very old messages (over 6 months ago) which have been deleted.

Apr 3, 2012 #45 [email protected] Im having the exact same problem with my Galaxy S II to another Galaxy S II, however the same happened with my old HTC Hero well, searching on the system files, I found a 3.99 MB text file and opened it and there were my more recent SMS and many many MANY more of them that Android Version 4.0.3, HTC Sense version 3.6. Strange!

If I clean all the data from phone, I will be able to recieve long messages from hear without any problem. Was this answer helpful? Although no where near the 10%-30% David reports.