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Smsc Error Code 20


To establish these bind states, please consult the next section on “SMPP Commands”. Request GET /xms/v1/{service_username}/batches/{batch_id}/delivery_report Query parameters: Name Description Type Default Constraints Required type The type of delivery report. The callback URL can either be provided in the send batch request or provisioned for your account. while 987654321 will get Hi there! http://whistlemedia.net/error-code/smsc-error-code-8.html

Rega 2012-06-22 02:05:14 [9456] [9] DEBUG: data: 72 64 73 2c 20 44 54 45 rds, DTE 2012-06-22 02:05:14 [9456] [9] DEBUG: Octet string dump ends. 2012-06-22 02:05:14 [9456] [9] DEBUG: MO support for receiving messages from end users Getting started Service account To use the REST API you will need to create a service account. Please see section 7.0 Message Status for more information. String N/A Max 20 characters. https://help.nexmo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204015763-SMPP-Error-Codes

Smpp Error Code List

List groups Retrieve the first 30 groups curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/groups" Retrieve the third page of groups with a page size of 50 curl -H Submit a request Related articles What are the reasons for SMPP error 13 (decimal)? Parameterization Parameterization enables you to customize parts of a message for each recipient. How are you?

  1. Possible values: continue, hangup, disable| NULL\n|63|5|REJECTED_INVALID_ACTIONS|Invalid actions.
  2. Summary and full If a batch was created with a request for full or summary delivery report then one callback will be made to the specified callback URL when all messages
  3. SMPP Introduction SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol) is an open message transfer protocol that enables users to interact with an SMS centre.

Rate limit Each service account comes with a rate limit which sets the maximum number of messages that can be sent per second. GsmFavorites.com Internet resource for mobile communication software. A list of the MSISDN recipients which messages has this status code. Smpp Bind Failed Code 13 String N/A Must be valid group ID No Response 200 OK The response is a JSON object described in Create a group response. 400 Bad Request There was an error with

An MSISDN can only occur once in a group and any attempts to add a duplicate would be ignored but not rejected. Esme Receiver Reject Message Error ESME_RINVMSGLEN 1 Invalid Message Length (sm_length parameter) ESME_RINVCMDLEN 2 Invalid Command Length (command_length in SMPP PDU) ESME_RINVCMDID 3 Invalid Command ID (command_id in SMPP PDU) ESME_RINVBNDSTS 4 Incorrect BIND status for Formats This section will take a brief look at some of the formats used in the REST API. On the Access Configuration Panel, the ports are named as follows: Name Port Number smpp 9000 smppnogsm 8000 UCP-EMI Introduction UCP-EMI (Universal Computer Protocol/External Machine Interface) is a transfer protocol that

This will use the UNKNOWN state and sets the buffered special parameter in the deliver_sm under SMPP 3.4 Error Codes Mblox has a record of providing high quality and reliable reporting. Smpp Delivery Receipt Error Codes Timestamp Timestamps are used for expressing a moment in time. Generated Tue, 06 Dec 2016 19:45:47 GMT by s_wx1189 (squid/3.5.20) If no successful response is received then REST API will either schedule a retry if the error is expected to be temporary or discard the callback if the error seems to

Esme Receiver Reject Message Error

To restrict access to IP address (for example) set IP Address to and subnet to /32 and click “Save Configuration”. click to read more The protocol defines the information which needs to be exchanged between the user and the SMSC and the operations associated with the exchange of SMS messages. Smpp Error Code List Must be JSON format| NULL |64|5|REJECTED_INVALID_ACTION_GROUPS|Invalid actionGroups. Smpp Submit_sm Response Codes You can connect as: Transmitter - send short messages to SMSC and receive responses from SMSC.

Please note that your connection username and password will be given to you separately. this contact form The SMPP implementation supports: GSM, CDMA, TDMA, iDEN networks SMS Messages to a single destination Delivery receipts Data coding specification Validity period We currently support SMPP versions 3.3 and 3.4. Meaning that messages, groups or other resources cannot be reused between service accounts. Final Delivery Report Error Codes The delivery report status code often provides a more detailed view of what happened with the message. Smpp Delivery Status Codes

Please contact your account manager or client support for help with creating a service account for the REST API. Object statuses.code The detailed status code. ISO-8601 String canceled Indicates if the batch has been canceled or not. have a peek here Purchase NowSMS Latest Release Supports Android Phones as GSM Modems to Send & Receive SMS + MMS Free Trial Versions Available:Now SMS/MMS GatewayNowSMS Lite Contact Us Now Wireless Limited Bourne House,

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/batches?start_date=20140623TZ&end_date=20140624TZ" Retrieve the batches sent from 12345 or 54321. Esme Receiver Temporary App Error Code Only status codes with at least one recipient will be listed. Collect your frequent recipients into groups.

String array 404 Not Found The batch ID is not known to the system or the delivery report type is not recognized.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ "https://api.mblox.com/xms/v1/{service_username}/inbounds?page=2&page_size=50" Retrieve inbound messages received on June 23rd, 2014 UTC. err - where appropriate this may hold a network specific error code or an SMSC error code text - the first 20 characters of the short message Please note SMPP v3.3 roaming restriction.  108absent subscriber: the message is undeliverable  109age verification failure failed av  110age verification failure no previous av  111age verification failure parental lock  112age verification failure temporary av error  113agent not registered  114anti spam  115ati not allowed  116bad parameter Esme_rinvdstadr The possible paths are identified by numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)IDSMSC ID1MO2MB3IB4AT5RD6AGError CodeError code  depends on the status and in some cases also by the RoutingCodeImmediate errors (Status = NACK)For errors

Final Delivered Message has been delivered. See SMS delivery status codes Integer status The simplified status as described in Delivery Report Statuses String status_message A description of the status, if available. The body is a JSON object described in HTTP Error. Check This Out If set in the past messages will be sent immediately.

Code Description 01 Checksum error 02 Syntax error 03 Operation not supported by system 04 Operation not allowed 05 Call barring active 06 Destination invalid 07 Authentication failure 08 Legitimisation code curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer {token}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d ' { "name": "My auto group 2", "auto_update": { "to": "54321", "add": { Inbound message callback An inbound message or MO (Mobile Originated) is a message sent to one of your shortcodes or longnumbers. Must be number, asterisk (*) or shark (#)| NULL\n|59|5|REJECTED_INVALID_DTMF_TIMEOUT|Invalid dtmfTimeout.

Possible error codes include conflict_group_name. Please note that the message identifier will be HEX encoded on SMPP 3.3 connections but will be a standard ASCII encoded integer on SMPP 3.4 connections. All timestamps returned by the batch will be in UTC with millisecond precision. Delivery Receipts SMPP delivery receipts take the following format: id:IIIIIIIIII sub:SSS dlvrd:DDD submit date:YYMMDDhhmm done date:YYMMDDhhmm stat:DDDDDDD err:E Text: . . . . . . . . .

Can be used for debugging String The following HTTP error codes are available: HTTP Status Code Description 400 syntax_invalid_json The request JSON is invalid or does not conform to the API Batches are returned in reverse chronological order. If type is mt_binary campaign_id The campaign/service ID this message belongs to. Request DELETE /xms/v1/{service_username}/groups/{group_id} Response 200 OK The group was successfully deleted. 404 Not Found If the group ID is unknown to the system.

Time zone can be specified in accordance with ISO-8601. If the SMS was not successfully delivered then the delivery report will give a reason in the form of an [error code]. The body is a JSON object described in HTTP Errors. Will always be at least 1 Integer statuses.recipients Only for full report.

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