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CTI Spa Side Error Codes For more information regarding CTI tech support click here th1/39 On startup indicates temperature probe problem. Inspect pilot assembly. 3. Reply Gayle says: August 18, 2016 at 10:10 AM My heater model no is P-R336A-EN-C, the digital panel shows "SENSOR FAILURE" what's wrong? Our goal with this blog is to aid you in identifying and defining the error code on your Raypak heater and to provide possible solutions, as per the manufacturer. Check This Out

Rare system error. Error codes are both curses and blessings. Or the heater may need to be cleaned, ash and soot can build up in the burner tray suffocating the heater. Temperature Sensor, IID Units - 009577F Recommendations for a fix: 1. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/sns/latest/api/CommonErrors.html

Sns Code On Hot Tub

YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF PRODUCTS AND THE ONLINE SERVICE HELP IS OFF THE CHART. hot Overheating, water over 112° F. SN Flow Switch (heater is deactivated. Loose or corroded connection at P1. 4.

  • Slp The hot tub is in Sleep mode.
  • check bypass assembly- replace spring or bypass if necessary HL2The high-limit has exceeded 135F1.
  • The unit will show (LP3) after 3 LP faults and shuts down the unit and pool pump for protection.
  • Your hot tub does NOT heat during this time in this mode.
  • FL Spa water is more than 20° F cooler than the temperature set point.
  • Snb Spa is shut down.
  • If your Master Spa code is not listed please call customer care 855-308-2149; we do offer limited technical support.
  • However, the usual cause for spa temp sensor error codes is that the water flow is insufficient, and when water moves too slowly through the heater, it doesn't remove the heat
  • Press any button to leave Standby mode and return to normal operation.
  • Pressure switch is not working.

Error code: EX1146 Contact Us Existing user? Possible excessive water temperature in the tube bundle. Snb = Spa is shut down. Balboa Hot Tub Codes Sl LF Persistent low flow problems. (Displays on the fifth occurrence of the HFL message within 24 hours.) Heater is shut down, but other spa functions continue to run.

After the Problem has been Resolved, you Must Press Any Button to Reset and Restart Heater Start Up. Reply Matthew Simmons says: November 14, 2016 at 1:45 PM What is the model number of your Raypak heater? Fill out my Wufoo form! see it here Spa unusable.

Error & LCD Window Message Codes: ACC (Applied Computer Controls) CoLd = Temperature in the spa heater housing is below 40° F. Balboa Sn Error Code Switch closed while pump is deactivated. Check for low water flow. 4. F4 Circuit Board temperature has exceeded acceptable limit.

Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes

IncompleteSignature The request signature does not conform to AWS standards.HTTP Status Code: 400 InternalFailure The request processing has failed because of an unknown error, exception or failure.HTTP Status Code: 500 InvalidAction If spark is observed, turn off power and reconnect wires. Sns Code On Hot Tub PSoH Pressure switch open with high pump. Sn Error Code Hot Tub OH High temperature condition, has reached 110ºF.

Do not enter the spa. his comment is here Check for proper spa water level and ensure pump is primed. Dr, Dry Persistent low flow problems. (Displays on the fifth occurrence of the HFL message within 24 hours.) Heater is shut down, but other spa functions continue to run. PDF | Kindle Terms of Use | © 2016, Amazon Web Services, Inc. How To Fix Sn Code On Hot Tub

Replace wires if necessary. dr Inadequate water detected in heater.. Switch closed while pump is deactivated. this contact form ROLThermal fuse tripped inside heater due to excessive heat or flame roll-out detected.1.

Same with the error SnB. Cal Spa Hot Tub Error Codes No action is necessary. Status of the heater element is unknown.

I love the saying, "hindsight is 20/20," because it's so true.

Any ideas? All rights reserved.Have a question? th3/39 On startup indicates water temperature less than 39° F. Cal Spa Sn Error Code Should you need further advice or technical information, please give Raypak a call at 805-278-5300.

Sensor plugged into jack A is not working. Rotomolded Spas Spa Preppers - Hurricane Spa Protection Hot Tub Circulation Pump Troubleshooting How to Measure for a Hot Tub Cover Hot Tub Electrical Safety Spa & Hot Tub Plumbing Fittings PSoL Pressure switch open with low pump. navigate here Unless you're like my mom who keeps all her paperwork in a filing cabinet, the manual was probably tossed a week after your product was working properly.

Categories Consumer Research for Best Hot Tub (100) hottubworks.com (128) life (131) spa chemicals (67) spa covers (161) Spa Crystals (11) spa filter (31) spa heater (26) Spa Ozone (17) Spa HLoH = Hi Limit Over Heat. If alternating with temp, may be temporary condition. In summation; when you have spa trouble codes of Sn, SnA, Sn1, Sn2.

Heater is shut down, but other spa functions run normally. No action is necessary. For more information, see CreatePlatformApplication in the Amazon Simple Notification Service API Reference.400SetPlatformAttributesAPNS -- Credential are not in a valid .pem formatThe APNS credential, which is the private key, is not says: August 16, 2016 at 1:34 PM I'm not getting any codes, but heater runs for only 30 seconds or so, then quits and starts right back up and repeats.

Replace wires if necessary. Sn2 Nonfunctional temperature sensor. The controller display is telling you that either the high limit or the temp sensor are open or shorted. Reply Rol says: September 18, 2016 at 8:44 PM I have a Rheem M366A that is displaying, Flame w/o CFH.

Power has been cut off to the spa. Disclaimer: Although we hope this information will be useful, error codes are subject to change without notice. HOT, OL, HL, FLO, Sn… SPA TEMPERATURE SENSOR ERROR CODE FLOW CHART Here's a Cal Spa troubleshooting chart for when your spa topside display shows a sensor error code Sn, Sn1, COOL = Spa water is more than 20° F cooler than the temperature set point.

If this code appears and stays on, turn off power to board at toggle switch and source, then re-establish power. 2. Clean and reconnect ground wire. 4.