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Snapdrive Error Code 0xc0040394


As a result the records of some servers may be delayed. Reply 0 Kudos « Message Listing « Previous Topic Next Topic » MORE IN COMMUNITY Learn How to Get Started Community Help Community Code of Conduct Provide Community Feedback Forums Blogs We appreciate your feedback. Reply 0 Kudos Options Bookmark Highlight Print Email to a Friend Report Inappropriate Content lmeyer_vega SME error 0xc00402d8 ‎2011-08-25 01:00 AM Hi Malaryou're right the initator 21:00:00:1b:32:9a:90:29 is in status logged have a peek here

E_FPC_PNAT_PROTOCOL_NOT_INBOUNDFPC_ERR(0x31F)0xC004031FThe protocol specified is not a server (inbound) protocol. E_FPC_STORAGE_SERVER_INACCESSIBLE FPC_ERR(0x3C1) 0xC00403C1 The storage configuration agent was unable to access the Configuration Storage server. E_FQD_INVALID_INPUT_LENGTH FPC_ERR(0x405) 0xC0040405 Input exceeds maximum length. E_FPC_CERT_RESTRICTIONS_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_FORWARD_PROXY FPC_ERR(0x3F4) 0xC00403F4 SSL client certificate restrictions cannot be defined for the Web listener for outgoing requests from a network.

Snapdrive Failed To Enumerate Lun

E_ANY_PUBLIC_NAME_SELECTEDFPC_ERR(0x3E4)0xC00403E4A link translation dictionary cannot be generated for a rule that applies to any public name. Only Web publishing rules can use this authentication method. E_FPC_PROTOCOL_MUST_HAVE_PRIMARY_CONNECTION FPC_ERR(0x373) 0xC0040373 The protocol definition must include at least one primary connection. All snapshots that were created as part of this virtual disk snapshot operation were deleted.

This is not relevant for Forefront TMG in the Essential Business Server scenario.  E_FPC_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_EE_LOCAL_MODE FPC_ERR(0x3A1) 0xC00403A1 The property or method Name is not supported when the configuration is stored only on E_FPC_CURRENT_MGMT_NOT_ALLOWED FPC_ERR(0x3F8) 0xC00403F8 The enterprise configuration is from a newer version of Forefront TMG than the installed version of Forefront TMG Management. There are no dial-up connection entries configured. Failed To Connect To Lun In A Flexclone. Failure In Connecting To The Lun. E_FPC_VPN_INVALID_VALUE_IPSFPC_ERR(0x369)0xC0040369The IP address of the primary server must be specified, or the option of using a DHCP server must be selected.

E_FPC_EMPTY_PATH_MAPPINGSFPC_ERR(0x3E2)0xC00403E2No path mappings are defined in the path mappings collection for the Web publishing rule. Developer Network Developer Network Developer Sign in MSDN subscriptions Get tools Downloads Visual Studio MSDN subscription access SDKs Trial software Free downloads Office resources SharePoint Server 2013 resources SQL Server 2014 E_FPC_DEPRECATED FPC_ERR(0x3CA) 0xC00403CA The property or method Name is deprecated and should not be used. http://community.netapp.com/t5/Data-ONTAP-Discussions/SnapDrive-Error-SME-verification-failed/td-p/15625 Please wait...[20:31:12.709] Operation pending, please wait...(1)[20:31:17.740] Operation pending, please wait...(2)[20:31:20.740] Asynchronous DoSnapshotSet finished.[20:31:20.772] Status after DoSnapshotSet (12 writers)[20:31:20.772] Status for writer Task Scheduler Writer: STABLE(0x00000000)[20:31:20.772] Status for writer VSS Metadata Store

E_FPC_URL_NOT_TRANSLATABLE_TO_ACP FPC_ERR(0x3EF) 0xC00403EF The URL for redirecting links to unpublished sites contains one or more non-ANSI characters. Snapdrive Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object Then, in the Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway Installation Wizard use the Modify option to add SQL Server Express 2005 to the installation. E_FPC_SUMMARYDEF_MUST_HAVE_EXECUTIONSTATEMENTFPC_ERR(0x40C)0xC004040CThe report summary definition object must have a non-NULL ExecutionStatement property. E_FPC_BAD_IP_FORMATFPC_ERR(0x316)0xC0040316A valid IP address must be provided.

  • E_FPC_PRIMARY_ROUTE_MISSING_SERVER_NAMEFPC_ERR(0x37A)0xC004037AA server name must be specified in the primary route in the chaining rule .
  • E_FPC_ADAPTER_NAME_NOT_EXIST FPC_ERR(0x41E) 0xC004041E The specified name does not match an existing network adapter name.
  • E_FPC_XML_SCHEMA_VALIDATION_FAILEDFPC_ERR(0x339)0xC0040339Schema validation failed on the exported XML document.
  • I thought somebody here may have experienced the same thing.
  • All of the bits in the host address portion of the IP address are set to 1.
  • This may be because there is no connectivity to the DHCP server or the DHCP server is not functional.
  • E_FPC_LICENSE_DISABLEDFPC_WRN(0x456)0x80040456The license needed to perform an operation is disabled.
  • E_FPC_VPN_L2TPPPTP_NETWORK_NOT_SUPPORTED FPC_ERR(0x37E) 0xC004037E Retrieval of the L2TP/PPTP VPN network settings is not supported for networks that do not have a VPN connection.

Netapp Snapdrive Failed To Enumerate Lun

E_FPC_CANNOT_REMOVE_LAST_SERVER_FROM_ARRAY FPC_ERR(0x3BA) 0xC00403BA Removing a server from an array with a single server is not allowed. http://community.netapp.com/t5/Backup-and-Restore-Discussions/SnapDrive-Error-Error-in-fetching-vmfs-datastores/td-p/103359 As a result, the records of some servers may be delayed. Snapdrive Failed To Enumerate Lun E_DISCONNECT_CONTAINING_ARRAYFPC_ERR(0x38E)0xC004038EThe server cannot be disconnected from the containing array. Snapdrive Does Not Show Luns E_FPC_URL_NOT_TRANSLATABLE_TO_ACPFPC_ERR(0x3EF)0xC00403EFThe URL for redirecting links to unpublished sites contains one or more non-ANSI characters.

Verify that the folder exists and that the specified user has the required permissions on that folder. E_FPC_VPN_MAXIMUM_CONNECTION FPC_ERR(0x367) 0xC0040367 The value specified for the maximum number of connections must be between LowerLimit and UpperLimit. E_FPC_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIRED_FOR_INTERNAL_SMTP_ROUTEFPC_ERR(0x47A)0xC004047AAn SMTP route for internal mail servers does not have any form of authentication enabled on the listener side. E_FPC_SSL_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE_RESTRICTION_ALLOWS_ANY_CERTIFICATE FPC_ERR(0x3F1) 0xC00403F1 An SSL client certificate restriction allows any certificate. A Lun With Device Path Is Exposed Through An Unsupported Initiator

E_FPC_NO_NLB_CLUSTER_CONFIG_FOR_THE_NETWORK FPC_ERR(0x3BD) 0xC00403BD The Network Load Balancing cluster properties can be configured only for networks whose connection type specifies a connection through a network adapter. If you want to specify a folder, the folder prefix ("/") must come after the domain name. S_FPC_SERVICE_INACCESSIBLEFPC_WRN(0x202)0x00040202The service is inaccessible. Check This Out This is not relevant for Forefront TMG in the Essential Business Server scenario.

E_FPC_PUBLISHING_RULES_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_ENTERPRISE_POLICY FPC_ERR(0x3A9) 0xC00403A9 The publishing rules are not supported in an enterprise policy. Snapdrive Event 317 E_FPC_CERTIFICATE_NOT_INSTALLEDFPC_ERR(0x300)0xC0040300The specified certificate cannot be located. E_FPC_INVALID_DATE_OUT_OF_RANGE FPC_ERR(0x423) 0xC0040423 The date specified is invalid because it is not within the permitted range from Start to End.

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E_FPC_EMPTY_PATH_MAPPINGS FPC_ERR(0x3E2) 0xC00403E2 No path mappings are defined in the path mappings collection for the Web publishing rule. as well- https://communities.netapp.com/thread/14305?tstart=0#52461make sure that the snapshots are being deleted. E_FPC_IP_RANGE_ENTRY_INTERSECT_WITH_LOCAL_NETWORK FPC_ERR(0x346) 0xC0040346 The NetworkName network includes IP addresses in the range LowerLimit–UpperLimit. Snapdrive Not Showing Disks E_FPC_INVALID_PROTOCOLFPC_ERR(0x333)0xC0040333A communication protocol number between 0 and 255 must be provided.

E_FPC_ITEM_IN_USE_IN_ARRAYFPC_ERR(0x3C4)0xC00403C4The cannot be deleted because it is used in the of the array. Error information: . E_FPC_VPN_STATIC_ADDRESS_POOL_RAN_OUT_OF_ADDRESSESFPC_ERR(0x34A)0xC004034AThere are not enough IP addresses available for VPN connections. this contact form E_FPC_XML_SCHEMA_VALIDATION_FAILED FPC_ERR(0x339) 0xC0040339 Schema validation failed on the exported XML document.

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