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Your discussions can be on any topic in Knoji's category system. entreri283 years ago from Joplin, MO Author @spereira Your problem is hard to diagnose. Only a technician with component-level repair expertise can repair a memory module. Free Ram Optimizer XP 1.0 Hari Krishnan It frees up the memory of your computer if falls below a certain minimum level. http://whistlemedia.net/how-to/smart-error-repair.html

Can a dirty motherboard or even say dust or what not cause a memory slot to not detect the ram or cause it to not function as it should. Confirm your recommendation x By making this recommendation, you are confirming that you would recommend mihai cosmin to people you know as an expert in the topic Computer Maintenance. Please try again later. entreri283 years ago from Joplin, MO Author Jenu,I would recommend that you first clean your system for dust if you can.

How To Repair Ram Ddr3

I do not have much knowledge of computer but I can do it with the help of Google. My own vid card started giving me fits with colored blocks running all over the screen, about a year ago.I washed it, set it out in the sun and breezes for These beeps can indicate many different problems, including being a symptom of bad RAM. Kim2 years ago Hey, my desktop lets me turn it on and it just turn off after a few minutes and have beeps sound.

All you need to get the thing working is a reboot. You can scroll left or right, as the second line shows the individual bad bits within the bytes highlighted in the first line. Just want to be sure there isn't something I'm missing as far as how much RAM the machine can handle.So... How To Repair Laptop Ram What's the probleme how could i get rid out of the problem Michi2 years ago Hey :),i got a 'BSOD' with 'NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM' error on Windows 8.1.

To fix a faulty slot you would need to replace your motherboard. Ram Repair Tools I thought it may be a ram problem. Used adapter for other laptop and still shuts off.. Get More Info Jenu Jazil J3 years ago HaiI would like to know wat exactly s wrong wit ma system for some long months.I start itT boots upTake sometime to settle with the CPU

Working... How To Fix Ram In My Computer A bad or faulty ram can cause more trouble that you think. The first version (bootable image) is the one you should be using if you want an accurate testing of the memory. An now i am in fear that this would also may get corrupted soon.

  1. Note: Before testing your memory, if you have recently added any new memory with the old one into your computer’s motherboard then I’ll highly suggest you temporarily remove the new one to
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions...I have run diagnositcs and anti virus as well nothing bad came up so far mona3 years ago Hello.
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Ram Repair Tools

Loading... Continued DocMemory detects bad memory by identifying the address and databit number. How To Repair Ram Ddr3 Loading... Faulty Ram Symptoms Memory problems are less common than other computer problems because memory sticks have no moving parts and thus fewer points of failure.

i contacted a different service man, he said ram slots are not good and that's causes the problem and we paid 1200 for him, He confirmed me there is no heat weblink View Full Profile → Find Something ? DocMemory diagnostic software, is available free-of-charge, we do not provide any Phone Tech Support, forward all techincal issues to [email protected] ASK A QUESTION Would you recommend this author as an expert in Computer Maintenance? Ram Repair Software Free Download

Any replies will be appreciated. It is the best alternative for testing bad memory. Pressing F3 returns to the previous screen, an additional press of F4 drills down into more information. navigate here It will probably stay on one of the initials screens.

I love your idea of writing about problems and their solutions. How To Repair Ram Slot On Motherboard You might try turning off all energy saving options and see if the problem still occurs. From the above PC screen capture, DocMemory has detected achip failure at Address location: 108MB and Databit DQ5.This module is a standard 256MB DDR DIMM memory with1 Rank.Reference with this failure


Hezekiah2 years ago from Japan Nice Hub, when ruling other issues out with PC problems, or by process of elimination, RAM is the last thing I look at. I've done this with both of my RAM s. Published on Dec 12, 2012By this video you can repair your RAM ,it is free of cost and too easy. What Happens When Ram Fails When you find the sticks that are bad you can order replacements.

RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer 2.9 PegasusApps Inc RAM Memory Cleaner and Optimizer is a clever memory management program. entreri283 years ago from Joplin, MO Author If your laptop is overheating that would certainly be the first that I would suspect is causing you problems. All rights reserved.

Ask a Question on Knoji x Your Question: Details (optional): All questions are moderated. his comment is here entreri282 years ago from Joplin, MO Author Lalit,I think you probably have a problem with the new video card drivers.

i added a new RAM in the second plot. Similar Sites Coupons Sign in Join Follow @knojinetwork ConsumerKnowledge Airfare Daily Deals eCigarettes Eyeglasses Hotels Jewelry Online Backup Online Dating Online Printing Online Tickets Skin Care Textbook Rentals Vitamins Web Hosting