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Maybe it's time to try a few modem tweaks to improve your online connectivity. Finally I changed to a new NETGEAR N150 modem and speeds went up and the drop outs stopped. the Blog Tyrant http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060923111348AAgzfwZ Chromatic Dramatic Read the wiki link I gave. If your computer is slow, it doesn't matter how fast your Internet connection is, the whole thing will just seem slow. http://whistlemedia.net/how-to/speed-up-cable-internet.html

Check with your service provider to see what speeds you "should" be getting. Advertisement Disclosure Top PC Optimizers Compare Optimizers Best Speed Results Best Repair Results Optimizer Reviews Internet Optimizers Home > Speed Up Internet > Tweaks for Cable and Dialup Modems Your Internet Women's Summit Inc.5000 Conference & Gala Iconic GrowCo Conference NEWSLETTERS MAGAZINE PARTNER CONTENT Inc. To disable Network Throttling: Go into the Registry Navigate your way to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Multimedia\SystemProfile Locate the entry named NetworkThrottlingIndex To turn the feature off completely, change the value to FFFFFFFF (hexadecimal) http://www.speedupnew.com/speed-up-internet/modem-tweaks.html

Increase Cable Modem Speed

I had a package that allowed for 15 Mbps.  I've had this package for 15 years.  It's so useless that it became obsolete recently but my cable provider neglected to tell Basic and Everyday Low Price Internet plans are not available for purchase online. Switching to one of these channels will reduce interference and possibly increase your speed. Where can I replace or return my TWC Internet hardware?

  • People should not underestimate how much time is lost with crappy connections… Best wishes, tj the Blog Tyrant Long time no see TJ!
  • Try getting that chord out of the box and plugging straight into the modem, especially if it is your desktop computer and you don't need to move it around very often.
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  • and then there's the likefunbutnot method for speeding up a home network: use 40Gbps Infiniband adapters instead of Ethernet. 10Gbps Ethernet is incredibly expensive, but Infiniband is old, formerly exotic technology
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  • If you have a 1.1 or 2.0 modem and a high-throughput plan, you'll likely experience a large speed increase just by swapping modems.Even with a brand-new modem, make sure that you
  • One option to deal with this is to change your DNS server.
  • Use a program such as inSSIDer for PC and KisMAC or Wi-Fi Scanner for Mac to scan for channels that aren't as populated.

Now we rarely get our advertised speed with the new company. What if I have problems logging in? For example, TCP/IP MTU settings can be changed on a broadband router separate from individual computers on the network.About Web Accelerators for Broadband TweaksSpeed tweaks have been traditionally applied to the How To Increase Modem Speed It could be from a past owner.

Web pages now load much faster, uploads are much quicker, and streaming is more reliable than ever. If the problem is on your end, you might be charged a fee for the visit, so it's important to try troubleshooting over the phone or internet first. 7 Check all Looking forward to your future (speedy) posts… the Blog Tyrant Moving sucks… Hervé The best free antivirus are at the moment: - AVAST - The microsoft free AV - AVG You as often the wireless settings become less compatible over time. 12.

The 100 meter rule says that at 100M the signal may no longer be strong enough to be useful. Increase Dsl Speed Hack Depending on the type of equipment and Internet service you use, some tweaks will be technically incompatible and need to be avoided.Types of Broadband Speed TweaksThe most common broadband tweaks involve A poorly-optimized hard disk can drag down your computer's speed, affecting everything you do, including browsing the web. What speed should you be getting?

Cable Modem Tweaks

This statement is just plain not true: "A Cat 5 ethernet cable can run to 328 feet before the signal begins to degrade." 328 feet (100 meters) is the is the There are many more tweaks that require some knowledge of your registry. Increase Cable Modem Speed How It Works This test measures the speed between your computer and the Internet. How To Increase Internet Download Speed Learn More Join 20,000+ others and get a free report on my successful blogging strategy.

I had no idea that a capital "B" or lowercase "b" could make such a big difference in numbers. check my blog Also, a network between two computers in the same room is probably easier to manage if they are physically connected. most 56K modems will be set at 57,600 bits per second. You should experience a slightly better Internet connection speed with the new 115,200 bps value. How To Maximize Router Speed

I was stunned and shocked that I could browse (the text only) listings of homes for sale across the continent from me. If you are covering a large area with your wireless network, you may need to install a repeater. Some routers will be set to automatically select a channel, but if you want to use the least congested channel in your area, you can use a program such as WifiInfoView on Windows http://whistlemedia.net/how-to/sound-problem-hdmi-cable.html If possible use all cat5 or cat6 shielded wire, this will limit interference.

The only down side is needing possibly somewhat expensive cables (mine are twinax with QSFP connectors) as media rather than plain old twisted pair. Increase Dsl Modem Speed My Internet download speed shot up again. Make sure that any third-party cable modem you purchase will work with your current service provider. 4 Try to use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

What tweaks have you made to get it working at maximum speed?

Type activity.txt and press Enter to open the file and view the program list. 8 Close any programs you don't need. Read More before you try it. columns are his own. @rossrubin Technology [email protected] 6 COMMENTS CREDIT: Getty Images Advertisement For the last few years, the speed of my home internet access via TimeWarner Cable was an acceptable How To Speed Up Dsl Internet Connection Free You see, most Internet providers offer you a bunch of different Internet packages to choose from.  They offer different maximum download speeds as well as different amounts you're allowed to download.

There are several things you can do, from making minor software tweaks to installing new hardware. Follow Us Facebook How To Fix Buy Do More About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use © 2016 About, Inc. — All rights reserved. In reality, this probably won’t be convenient. have a peek at these guys The problem?

The address will probably look something like or Log in to your account page, or contact the customer service department to see if you have gone over your monthly allowance. I install most of software from ninite.com and replace all heavy applications with lite applications. Limit the number of devices using your Internet connection.

Sorry There was an error emailing this page. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) advertise in megabits, not megabytes. However, due to the great potential for disaster, we highly recommend you do not try to edit your registry. A data cap limits the amount of information you can download and upload over the internet in the course of a month.

Ideally, your router would be positioned in the center of all the devices connected to it, with direct line of sight to each one. Open the Modem entry, and double-click on your dialup modem model. Got it? I assure you.

When my download rate was only 4 Mbps I could click on a website, walk away, make a coffee, drink said coffee, draw my own stick figure porn, come back to Rather than go into that whole thing again, you can check out a post I wrote for a blog I contribute to: http://www.vagablogging.net/asias-internet-goes-to-warp-speed.html Totally jealous about Australia's National Broadband Network. A few days ago, though, our internet access started getting flaky, slowing down or going out completely for hours at a time, leaving us to lean on a cellular hotspot. Press the Windows key + R to open the Run box.

What was really funny is that they kept calling me and asking me to upgrade my speed at extra expense. Most antivirus programs will not scan for adware and spyware. Of course, it is also much safer than punching values into your registry or using hack files. However, the service gaps persisted even after the company said the outages were resolved.