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Socket Error Codes


For example, this error is returned if sendto is called with the remote address of ADDR_ANY. The optional protocol name, if given, should be 'tcp' or 'udp', otherwise any protocol will match. If the host name is an IPv4 address itself it is returned unchanged. In most cases, only those symbols that are defined in the Unix header files are defined; for a few symbols, default values are provided. Check This Out

WSAENETRESET 10052 Network dropped connection on reset. WSA_QOS_EPROVSPECBUF 11018 Invalid QoS provider buffer. WSATYPE_NOT_FOUND 10109 Class type not found. TIPC is an open, non-IP based networked protocol designed for use in clustered computer environments. this contact form

Socket Error Codes Linux

All sockets are created with an associated address family (that is, AF_INET for Internet Protocols) and a generic protocol type (that is, SOCK_STREAM). The behavior is not available for IPv6 for backward compatibility, therefore, you may want to avoid these if you intend to support IPv6 with your Python programs. New in version 2.3. Note For best match with hardware and network realities, the value of bufsize should be a relatively small power of 2, for example, 4096.

If you want to close the connection in a timely fashion, call shutdown() before close(). WSA_IO_PENDING 997 Overlapped operations will complete later. In non-blocking mode, if a recv() call doesn't find any data, or if a send() call can't immediately dispose of the data, an error exception is raised; in Socket Error 11004 An invalid or inconsistent flowspec was found in the QOS structure.

WSA_QOS_EFILTERSTYLE 11019 Invalid QoS filter style. Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer An established connection was aborted by the software in your host computer, possibly due to a data transmission time-out or protocol error. It can also be returned by setsockopt if an attempt is made to set SO_KEEPALIVE on a connection that has already failed. read this post here The name is not an official host name or alias, or it cannot be found in the database(s) being queried.

This was never intentional and is no longer available in Python 2.0 and later. How To Fix Socket Error The requested protocol has not been configured into the system, or no implementation for it exists. This is a higher-level function than socket.connect(): if host is a non-numeric hostname, it will try to resolve it for both AF_INET and AF_INET6, and then try to canonname will be a string representing the canonical name of the host if AI_CANONNAME is part of the flags argument; else canonname will be empty.

  1. This error is returned by the WSCGetProviderInfo and WSCGetProviderInfo32 functions if the protocol entry specified could not be found.
  2. Found a bug?
  3. Availability: Unix.
  4. At least one QoS reserve has arrived.
  5. Possible values: [.NET][Pascal][C++] Value Description SB_SOCKET_ERROR_WINSOCK_INIT_FAILED 96257 (0x17801) Winsock initialization failed SB_SOCKET_ERROR_WRONG_SOCKET_STATE 96258 (0x17802) Wrong socket state SB_SOCKET_ERROR_NOT_A_SOCKET 96259 (0x17803) Not a socket (socket initialization failed) SB_SOCKET_ERROR_INVALID_ADDRESS 96260 (0x17804) Invalid address
  6. socket.inet_ntop(address_family, packed_ip)¶ Convert a packed IP address (a string of some number of characters) to its standard, family-specific string representation (for example, '' or '5aef:2b::8') inet_ntop() is useful
  7. WSAEDESTADDRREQ 10039 Destination address required.
  8. If how is SHUT_WR, further sends are disallowed.

Socket Error 10054 Connection Reset By Peer

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. internet port is a string service name such as 'http', a numeric port number or None. Socket Error Codes Linux We appreciate your feedback. Socket Error 10053 socket.setdefaulttimeout(timeout)¶ Set the default timeout in seconds (float) for new socket objects.

All rights reserved.. http://whistlemedia.net/socket-error/socket-error-10057-â-socket-is-not-connected.html New in version 2.3. This error may also be returned for protocol and service queries, and means that the specified name could not be found in the relevant database. New in version 2.3. Socket Error 10049

WSANOTINITIALISED 10093 Successful WSAStartup not yet performed. The following list describes the possible error codes returned by the WSAGetLastError function. exception socket.timeout¶ This exception is raised when a timeout occurs on a socket which has had timeouts enabled via a prior call to settimeout(). this contact form An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.

Another possible reason for the WSAEACCES error is that when the bind function is called (on Windows NT 4.0 with SP4 and later), another application, service, or kernel mode driver is bound to Winsock Error 10054 Fix A QoS error occurred due to lack of resources. Check that no old Windows Sockets DLL files are being accessed.

WSA_IO_INCOMPLETE 996 Overlapped I/O event object not in signaled state.

If buflen is present, it specifies the maximum length of the buffer used to receive the option in, and this buffer is returned as a string. The optional flags argument has the same meaning as for recv() above. A service provider returned a bogus procedure table to Ws2_32.dll. Socket Error 10061 An unknown or conflicting QoS style was encountered.

On machines where the host byte order is the same as network byte order, this is a no-op; otherwise, it performs a 4-byte swap operation. WSAEINPROGRESS 10036 Operation now in progress. See ASP.NET Ajax CDN Terms of Use – http://www.asp.net/ajaxlibrary/CDN.ashx. ]]> {{offlineMessage}} Try Microsoft Edge, a fast and secure browser navigate here Note Some behavior may be platform dependent, since calls are made to the operating system socket APIs.

By default, their value is 0, meaning that the full range of results is selected. The general tuple form is (addr_type, v1, v2, v3 [, scope]), where: addr_type is one of TIPC_ADDR_NAMESEQ, TIPC_ADDR_NAME, or TIPC_ADDR_ID. An MX record is returned but no A record—indicating the host itself exists, but is not directly reachable. Interprocess Communication and Networking » © Copyright 1990-2016, Python Software Foundation.

socket.getfqdn([name])¶ Return a fully qualified domain name for name. There are no QoS receivers. Leffler et al, both in the UNIX Programmer's Manual, Supplementary Documents 1 (sections PS1:7 and PS1:8). See gethostbyname_ex() for a more complete interface. gethostbyname() does not support IPv6 name resolution, and getaddrinfo() should be used instead for IPv4/v6 dual stack support.

WSAEPROTOTYPE 10041 Protocol wrong type for socket.