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Socket Error Gproxy 5 out of 5 based on 34 ratings. Anyhow I hope I helped you a bit. mrniceguy14th December 2012, 10:18 PMHave u tryed to reinstall? NOW game wont start at all.. Check This Out

We also tracked down that in most cases it happens when player lags for such a long time that he must be dropped from the game and others are able to Logged Grief-Code Guest Re: Random "Unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++" mostly when someone is lagging « Reply #5 on: July 25, 2014, 08:16:51 am » That's what I'm doing as well.However, we TroubleshootingI have a missing dll:Install Package redistribuable Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 (x86)I get kicked out of bnet when joining a game:This is a bug to blame on GProxy, you must have There are a great number of them but the ones mentioned previously are the most typical. http://comphelp.org/guide/socket-error-gproxy/

Sawknight10th December 2012, 11:45 AM[Mon Dec 10 09:14:14 2012] [BNET] joined channel [lagabuse.com] [Mon Dec 10 09:14:18 2012] [TCPSOCKET] error (recv) - ECONNRESET [Mon Dec 10 09:14:18 2012] [GPROXY] Local socket infile.close(); return STRING; } int main( int argc, char **argv ) { string CFGFile = "gproxy.cfg"; if( argc > 1 && argv[1] ) CFGFile = argv[1]; // read config file CConfig It was like this: I logged into bnet, and then hosted the game, after a while some guy started to lag and I saw his "player is disconnected but he is BYTEARRAY LeaveGame; LeaveGame.push_back( 0xF7 ); LeaveGame.push_back( 0x21 ); LeaveGame.push_back( 0x08 ); LeaveGame.push_back( 0x00 ); UTIL_AppendByteArray( LeaveGame, (uint32_t)PLAYERLEAVE_GPROXY, false ); m_RemoteSocket->PutBytes( LeaveGame ); m_RemoteSocket->DoSend( &send_fd ); } m_RemoteSocket->Reset( ); m_RemoteSocket->SetNoDelay( true );

Logged Print Pages: 1 2 [3] 4 « previous next » FFA Masters League » Forum » General » General Discussion » [GProxy++] HOW TO SMF 2.0.1 | SMF © However, if your RAM is still workable, then you just need to increase the size of your page file. I'm going to get a cable and wire the connection, and try it on. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License. */ // todotodo: GHost++ may drop the player even after they reconnect if they run out of

Nevertheless, not all files that you download from the internet is useful as there are incomplete ones. Blue Screen of Death This may be a familiar Socket Error Gproxy to you A sudden change in the hardware or software on the PC commonly causes this issue, you cannot CompHelp - Menu Skip to content Home Socket Error Gproxy Posted on June 4, 2015 by admin Scanner Error 5 Hp Laserjet M1522n Query Failed Sql Error Or Missing Database database http://eurobattle.net/archive/index.php/t-186180.html The game would continue in that case.

Coins: 100 Country: Race: Re: [GProxy++] HOW TO « Reply #43 on: January 22, 2014, 02:01:20 PM » Quote from: FML|Pinballmap on January 22, 2014, 11:43:47 AMSo what happens when my Remember to make use of the Safe Mode when doing it in order for you to access the desktop and make sure you restart the computer before performing any of those The reason is simple.If a player is disconnected he doesn't send feedback to the server [pong], that actually mean, the synclimit defines when the player starts to lag, the time between So I deleted all logs older than october 2012.

  • Im connected to a fon service and the ip is dynamic, so is it because the time of the connection rent goes to end???
  • Asia (Kalimdor)" ); CONSOLE_Print( " 4.
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  • It is your warcraft III client that thinks that you lost the connection and so kick you out of the game.You have 180sec to reconnect, even if your router crashed, as
  • FML|Pinballmap Administrator Super-Blademaster Posts: 2888 Total likes: 2 Replay Master B.net Account: Pinballmap Country: Race: Re: [GProxy++] HOW TO « Reply #42 on: January 22, 2014, 11:43:47 AM » So what
  • i´ve been playn other maps this morning and can play them for hours and nothing happens......just with dota map / gproxy happens....played age of empires 2 with a friend 3 hours

we are reconnecting and resynchronizing) // any data not forwarded here will be cached in the packet buffer and sent later so all is well if( m_RemoteSocket && m_Synchronized ) m_RemoteSocket->PutBytes( find this Next2. Logged cen Newbie Posts: 11 Karma: +0/-0 Re: Random "Unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++" mostly when someone is lagging « Reply #2 on: July 23, 2014, 09:02:16 pm » I did that it came down to this: windows 7, wifi, tcp/ip protocol.

Out of my 6-7 'minor' discs so far using it, only once a guy waited for me (while losing!) and I reconnected, gproxy couldn't do it in the others (all < his comment is here Requesting GProxy++ disconnect protection from server..." ); } else SendLocalChat( "This is an unreliable game. This issue causes the virtual memory to be too low. Remove them and try again.Up a line it says the hack name.

Europe (Northrend)" ); CONSOLE_Print( " 5. You could start the process by going to the control panel and simply clicking the advance setting. See the # GNU General Public License for more details. # # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License # along with this program. http://whistlemedia.net/socket-error/socket-error-wsaewouldblock-the-socket-would-block.html but I was not host that time.

sqkdv Guest Re: [GProxy++] HOW TO « Reply #36 on: October 26, 2013, 10:36:19 AM » Thx for answers guys.Just want to be sure GProxy works correct for me. Logged FML|Mage FML Bets Season 1 Winner Administrator Super-Blademaster Posts: 4117 Total likes: 12 B.net Account: practice_mage Coins: 50 Country: Race: Re: [GProxy++] HOW TO « Reply #41 on: January 22, Whats going on?

There are individuals who find PC replacement as the smart choice for these errors.

In the most extreme cases, all 10 players are dropped at the same time. You signed out in another tab or window. Now wait till it patches your mpq file after it finished click Next7. was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++, Gojira.

Having the same gproxy session for an extended period of time seems to cause this error to occur for me. Maybe an edge case of some kind.Still investigating further.edit: Are there any patches to gproxy in the last few years? The two random logs on the end are not verified. « Last Edit: July 23, 2014, 04:56:24 pm by cen » Logged Profforg Average Member Posts: 186 Karma: +23/-27 Re: Random http://whistlemedia.net/socket-error/socket-error-10057-â-socket-is-not-connected.html Saving configuration to \"" + CFGFile + "\"." ); ofstream out; out.open( CFGFile.c_str( ) ); if( out.fail( ) ) CONSOLE_Print( " Error saving configuration file." ); else { out << "###

I don't said anything as a 'solution'. Sawknight10th December 2012, 11:44 AMDon´t have other.... it isn't GHost++) we should be kicked CONSOLE_Print( "[GPROXY] join request accepted by remote server" ); if( m_GameIsReliable ) { CONSOLE_Print( "[GPROXY] detected reliable game, starting GPS handshake" ); m_RemoteSocket->PutBytes( m_GPSProtocol->SEND_GPSC_INIT( Post Reply Print view Search Advanced search 2 posts • Page 1 of 1 vicdcq Treant Posts: 259 Joined: Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:50 am Re: Gproxy Socket-Error Quote Postby vicdcq

If Team1 vs Team2 has as an example, 30% - 70% win chance, team1 can get 70 scores this game, and loose at maximum 30 score, Team2 can only get 30 GProxy++ disconnect protection is disabled." ); m_BNET->QueueChatCommand( "/w " + m_HostName + " .rconpw " + ProtectPassword); m_GameStarted = true; } } else if( Packet->GetPacketType( ) == GPS_HEADER_CONSTANT ) { if( We forked the code a long time ago but I don't see any commits on the google code repo since the initial release. HeavenNhell19th December 2012, 01:41 PMI'm having the same problems, I've looked all over the web and came down with some conclusions.

He is correct, it's a fast and easy solution, i don't question it, but this will let the reconnecting player disconnect for sure. Logged Please like my post and not Wreck's. Logged Grief-Code Guest Re: Random "Unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++" mostly when someone is lagging « Reply #3 on: July 24, 2014, 01:13:49 am » I am not totally sure, but we Logged Meeds FML Bets Season 2 Winner Tauren Posts: 273 Total likes: 0 B.net Account: Meeds.

You should have a GProxy realm, you should connect to this one « Last Edit: October 16, 2013, 12:33:01 PM by Meeds » Logged FML|Mage FML Bets Season 1 Winner Administrator Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 25 Star 40 Fork 39 OHSystem/OHSystem Code Issues 10 Pull requests 1 Projects Write what you tried to fix the problem and if you failed tell us where.Euroloader + GProxy 1.7.3Note: Without this GProxy you wont be able to join any LagAbuse games anymore, I also found out that we already have that patch in the current code so it is not the solution.I might actually adopt OHS but it mostly depends on my free

Deciding to troubleshoot the problem on your own is a great thing. Please run registry fixer.Same as here. if( GameName.size( ) > 31 ) GameName = GameName.substr( 0, 31 ); } m_UDPSocket->Broadcast( 6112, m_GameProtocol->SEND_W3GS_GAMEINFO( m_TFT, m_War3Version, MapGameType, MapFlags, MapWidth, MapHeight, GameName, (*i)->GetHostName( ), (*i)->GetElapsedTime( ), (*i)->GetMapPath( ), (*i)->GetMapCRC( ), the battle.net socket NumFDs += m_BNET->SetFD( &fd, &send_fd, &nfds ); // 2.

was unrecoverably dropped from GProxy++, Gojira. Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Explain your problem step by step, be exact !!!4. Logged dRagoLjuB dRagoLjuB MonsterKill Member Posts: 4290 Country: Karma: +117/-101 Nowhere and Everywhere Re: XPAM Euroloader / GProxy *new* « Reply #7 on: November 08, 2012, 12:31 pm » post your